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2014-04-28 → Translate content page from https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Using_Wikibooks


It should be fine to start new wikibooks at your preferences and let people with expetise correct later. However, it would be more strategic to set a common goal for the core community

Suggested style[កែប្រែ]


We prefer simplicity. Each subpages should be linked at one level depth and contains headers with links to previous, top and next pages.


Titles of subpages are kept in English. Technical team should reorganize the book later after agreement from contributors. However, translation is of titles are in lower priority than translating each full content.

Suggested milestones[កែប្រែ]

  1. Translate all subpages: intro(5), quick start(3), reader(5), editor(5), writer(7), admin(4) → translators
  2. Rename page title, organize navigation, prepare print view and download-ready pdf files→ technical
  3. Verify and add if necessary useful content from other languages → editors